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Get better without practicing?

The holy grail of golf, improving your golf without practicing!!

Sounds simple? Try it !movie Leon: The Professional 1994

Step 1. Learn how far you hit each club. Not just your best shot, when you catch it a little heavy, when you catch it a little thin. Then you know if you can carry it over trouble or lay up short of trouble.

Step 2. Understand your natural shot. Many players play at the top level without being able to hit the ball straight. Colin Montgomery won 8 European Order of Merits playing with a fade. If you consistently (and I don’t mean all the time, but most of the time) draw or fade a ball, allow for that when you pick your targets. Jack Nicklaus use to go to the range before a game and watch which way the ball moved in the air, he then played with that shot shape for the day.

Step 3. Make a plan for each hole. Create a 9 point square for where the ball may finish. Make a plan for what you will do when playing from each of the 9 points. Repeat for each shot and each hole.

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