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What are the fundamentals?

I’ve been teaching golf for a while now and in the past I’ve viewed the fundamentals the same was as most (Grip, Posture, Aim, Alignment, Ball Position).

But, if they are fundamentals, doesn’t that mean everyone (especially the best in the world) would all do them the same?

When we look at some of the best we see obvious differences in ‘the fundamentals’.  For example, Ben Hogan held the club with his hands basically straight up and down, Sam Snead’s grip was turned dramatically to the right, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman rotate their hands slightly to the right.  Then consider how the hands are joined, Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use interlocking grips while most tour professionals today overlap the hands.

So if the old reliables are not the fundamentals, what are?

Well, I can tell you this much, the best in the world from yesteryear up to the modern player have three things in common.

They all strike the ball cleanly

They all hit it far enough to play the course to the standard they want to

They all have a predictable ball flight

If you want to improve, these have to be your three main goals, anything else is window dressing.  Remember this the next time you take a lesson!!

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