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Putter Length

Putters are designed for one basic purpose, to get the ball in the hole but they’re all different, why?

Today I want to discuss discuss putter shaft length.

Putters come in three basic types, standard, belly and broom handle. Each has their merits but in this issue I will focus on standard length full Free Fire 2017 movie online

Typically ‘off the rack’ putters come in 34” or 35” for men and 32” for women. In putting the arms should hang almost directly below the shoulders, an incorrectly fitted putter can cause the player to bend too much or stand too erect, stand too near or too far from the ball, hold too high or too low on the grip.

I stand 5’ 10”, I believe I have good putting posture based on the recommended set up and I firmly believe I am a good putter. I use a 31¾” putter which allows me to achieve good putting set up and fundamentals.

To quote Paul Hurrion (Harringtons putting coach and world acclaimed putting researcher) “most amateurs have removed the possibility of holing a putt before they have moved the club head”, their set up removes the possibility!

As you can see, having the correct length putter makes it easier to achieve a good set up position over the ball, the first key to holing putts.

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